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2014/01 - Political activism

Why to engage politically?

There is only so far we can get by making changes to our own lifestyle + that of the immediate groups and communities we are part of.
In order to make big changes, we need to try to bring about political changes.

What issues should we engage with politically?

Quite a bit of discussion about the current threat to many local libraries (including Upperthorpe Library - including watching the Look North article about the protest earlier in the day).
Then lots of discussion about the treatment of people on various types of benefits including some of the ridiculous reasons for sanctioning people on jobseeker's allowance and the dreadful number of suicides amongst people who have had their benefits cut off.

How to engage politically?

  • Contacting MPs / councillors / MEPs / other people in authority
  • Press - writing letters, press releases, arranging radio interviews
  • Protests / demonstrations
  • Petitions - on paper, or online with sites such as 38 Degrees, or HM Government e-petitions
  • Creative stunts - borrowing all the books in a library, holding a ‘Readathon’, using music, acting or other activities to get people’s attention.
  • Social media communication - sharing eye-catching images or carefully-written, engaging messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social-media platforms.
  • Joining a local political party, such as the Sheffield Green Party or Sheffield Labour Party (other political parties are also available).
  • Browse some of the varied methods that others have used (including details of how successful they have been) on the Global Nonviolent Action Database

Other items

We talked briefly about the new Food Cycle project starting at St Barts church and about the Amnesty Write for Rights campaign which we took part in before Christmas.