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2013/05 - Community

What is community?

It could be our immediate neighbours, our estate, our area of the city.
It could be our church, the Sheffield allotment owners, people in our work place, local dog walkers or even the One Step group.
There are lots of different communities across Sheffield - look at some of the range of alternative groups on

What can we do in our communities?

We can talk to our neighbours:
  • checking up to make sure they are alright if we haven't seen them for a while
  • making sure they are aware of the latest door-to-door scams
  • helping with shopping if they are stuck indoors due to bad weather (snow!)
Building relationships - sometimes it is important to focus on building some relationships more strongly than others within a community (but not exclusively)

We can organise a street party or BBQ, or invite our neighbours around for a meal or party.

We can help to organise a local community event, such as the Ruskin Park Fun Day or Peace in the Park

We can try to connect different communities together - inviting people to gatherings with different communities, sharing connections between them.

We can try to slow down - take time about getting places, so we can stop and greet people as we go. We can even try saying 'hello' to strangers we pass in the street, or whilst waiting in a queue - more often than not they will say hello back.

Look out for isolated people in our local area and call on them, or join a group, such as SCCCC that organises visits to people. Teaching English through SAVTE can help to build community. Being particularly aware of those who have lost a spouse, as they can often be particularly isolated.

Remember that it is possible for people to be part of a group, but not feel part of the community - look out for ways to welcome people in and get to know them better.

Sometimes we have no idea how much of an impact we are having in our communities, until the point when something changes.