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2013/01 - Cleaning

Why should we care about 'ethical' cleaning?

Protecting the environment - cutting down the number of harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere, waterways and ground
Protecting our health - reducing our own exposure to damaging chemicals

Commercial alternative products

One simple way to switch over to more friendly cleaning methods. Most work just as well as the harsher alternatives, but some products need to be left on for a bit longer.
Ecover - many of their products are readily available in supermarkets. Use natural ingredients as an alternative to harsh chemicals.
Bio D - similar to Ecover in many respects. Manufactured in the UK. Available in Oxfam (and other places).
Delphis Eco - Manufactured in the UK. Focussed on the commercial cleaning sector, rather than home users.

Natural alternatives

Why not try using natural ingredients such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice to clean your house, your dishes, your clothes or yourself ...

Vinegar (preferably white)

Available from local corner shop for 65p for 1/2 pint
  • clean tiles
  • pour down drains (with bicarbonate of soda) to clear them / keep them clear (once a week?)
  • put in washing machine (+ bicarbonate of soda?) and run through empty spin to clean the machine
  • cleaning windows - vinegar on then wipe off with paper; alternatively spray windows with deionised water and wipe off with a soft cloth
  • More vinegar uses
  • Even more vinegar uses

Bicarbonate of soda

Other items

  • Soda crystals - in clothes washing: softens water, helps remove grease, oil, wine stains
  • Soap flakes - pure soap for clothes washing (no perfumes, brighteners, etc.) - less skin irritation, good for delicate fabrics, kinder to the environment
  • Tea-tree oil - cleaning cuts (helps them to heal very quickly), clearing mold
  • Hydrogen peroxide - on grouting, less harsh than chlorine bleach

Where to buy

Small hardware store around the back in Hunters Bar?
'Simple' on Eccalsall Road?
Sharrow Vale Hardware - 370-372 Sharrow Vale Road, S11 8ZP,